The CSG1 Generator

When I started this thread six years ago, I had no idea that Goldbrix was one of my old customers and had one of my colloidal silver generators, a CSG1. I intended the thread to explain the principles of making colloidal silver, and I had no intention of mentioning Atlasnova or any of its products. I deliberately avoided discussing the philosophy behind the little CSG1 and the theory of its operation. I wanted to encourage everyone to join in and share their setups and methods of making colloidal silver. I had been making my colloidal silver for 20 years to benefit my sinuses and general health, but I knew I still had things to learn. Halfway through the thread, I concluded that producing a consistent, 98% ionic, electrically isolated silver would require a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled system utilizing network analysis and real-time compensation. I was fortunate in that I was involved in the generation of complex systems before my retirement. I still had the tools necessary for the job. The result was “Ultra.” The ultra generator’s ability to produce a stable EIS at a potency of 50 PPM is unlikely to be matched or even approached. The market for such a device is too small. It will take many years to recover the cost of research and development.
The world is facing a killer virus. The characteristics of this virus make it an ideal agent of depopulation. It is going to be around for a long time. It is airborne and stays active for three days on contact surfaces. People infected will be spreading it long before they show any symptoms by merely breathing in and out. You will be able to catch it from the surface of the box left at your door. The older you are, the more likely you will die from it. It works by weakening your immune system so that bacteria that are always present, such as Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia, gain the upper hand. If you don’t have silver ions in your blood as a front-line of defense, you will die. It is that simple. Those of us who make our EIS know that it enhances our immune system. We have fewer infections of any kind. Those of us who have the ultra generators, with the ability to make 50 ppm ionic, have the best chance to survive this pandemic. But only some of us can afford the cost involved. Perhaps it’s time to consider the virtues of the CSG1 that I designed over ten years ago. It’s not an Ultra, but it’s a whole lot better than nothing. Here it is:

Here is the first post from Goldbrix on the “art of making colloidal silver” thread of the goldismoney2 forum:

Mar 16, 2014#2

Like a good BBQ, Quality ingredients and Slow “cooking” makes the best production.

FWIW, I use the AtlasNova CSG-1 (Colloidal Silver Generator-1) for years now.
Figured out awhile back how to convert house electric with an old unused battery recharger (converts to 12 V DC) . So now I got the best of both worlds. House electric when I’m at home or remove some electrical tape and snap in a 9 volt for “Travel Mode” operations.

Thank You for your products Al.

I replied:
You are very welcome Gb.
Another item that you will find useful is a quality laser pointer. Nothing from China. High-quality laser pointers have a current regulating circuit which ensures that the output of the laser remains the same no matter what the condition of the batteries. The rated power is maintained until there is no laser action whatsoever, at which time the batteries have to be replaced. The cheap ones from China will vary in power, therefore making a very poor test instrument. The laser pointer will enable you to see the generation of the small particles, as they are being made. This will occur after you have achieved the highest possible ionic portion, the ions are combining to form larger particles. In the days before we had laser pointers to use, we did not know whether or not we had made colloidal silver until a yellow hue appeared. The yellow hue was caused by the presence of particles larger than of 40 nm in size. It creates a yellow because the particles block the blue part of the spectrum. If you subtract blue from the rest of the spectrum, you have a red green that you see as yellow. The smaller particles are more desirable as they have more surface area.

Jan 13, 2016#108
The crensh

Does anyone have a recommended commercial CS generator? I don’t have the time/space to construct my own, but am interested in making my own.

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

The fact is that it will produce up to 15 ppm of EIS. Virtually indestructible. Virtually foolproof.
It checks your starting water. It won’t prevent you from using non-distilled water, but you would not be able to ignore the LED’s initial brightness. In really bad times, this could be an advantage.
It requires a certain amount of participation for the best results, but it also works entirely unattended.
The electrodes are 12gauge 9999 silver. The terminal block holding the electrodes is from Germany, and its contact surfaces are silver plated. No parts from China here.
A high-quality constant output laser pointer is included. It helps the users to monitor the quality they are making.

“I purchased an Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator CSG1 – AC

I have a digital multi-meter
I do not have a laser pointer

Which one of your lasers is the best for testing colloidal silver mixtures?
How do you use the multi-meter for testing
any other resources for how to use the above items?”


It is not necessary to use a multimeter with the csg1. The multimeters are used in our larger kits to track the actual current in microamps flowing between the electrodes. In the csg1, this function is served by a superior one mA maximum light-emitting diode. This LED is over ten times as sensitive as a typical LED. That enables it to give a good indication of the purity of the distilled water. When you place the csg1 into the glass of distilled water, the LED should be only very dimly lit. If it has any noticeable brightness at all, it is indicating the water is not pure enough. As the process continues, the LED will become brighter and brighter, indicating the increasing presence of ions in the water, increasing the conductivity.

As to the usefulness of laser pointers in making colloidal silver,
We use the 650nm model for checking the amount and size of silver particles generated. That is the same wavelength used by the Malvern particle size analyzer that cost over $50,000. The Atlasnova laser pointers are made with a unique circuit that makes sure that the laser diode’s output power stays the same no matter the battery’s condition. That is important in anything that you use as a test instrument.

With the csg1 colloidal silver generator, after the light-emitting diode has increased its brightness over a period, 2 to 3 hours, you should start shining the laser pointer through the glass container. In a room with only dim light, a thin red line will appear as actual particles of silver are being formed in addition to silver ions. Some people still believe that silver particles, not just ions, are necessary for colloidal silver to be effective. The red line formed by the scattering effect of the laser beam by the particles will be seen. Some people mistakenly insist on calling this the Tyndall effect, observed using a bright, focused white light. It is not the same thing. A scattering effect with coherent laser light allows us to see much smaller particles. Our process is to observe that we have produced particles and stop the process before the particles have grown beyond a certain size. Many people still allow the process to continue until the water has a yellow hue. That occurs when the average particle size is 20nm and more. Continuous ingestion of colloidal silver with particles of this size in large quantities could result in Argyria. All legitimate published research has indicated that silver ions cause colloidal silver’s effectiveness, the smallest possible particle of silver, and charged.

“Any other resources for how to use the above items?”

Good advice is hard to come by. Most of it will come from people who are trying to sell you something. You must consider that fact. Many of these advice-givers have started their own so-called “Forums” to promote their ideas and sales. As they control these forums, they will receive no criticism. It is not unusual to see them publishing “reviews” of competitors’ products. There is only one place I know of where you can get some advice on this, and that is the “goldismoney2” forum. There is an alternative health section where you can get lots of advice, good and bad. It will, as always, be up to you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Good luck.

“Thank you for your detailed response regarding the laser.

Let’s take the CSG one out for a ride

We have purchased our distilled water and we’re going to measure it with a lab quality conductance meter. We confirm that it is distilled and measures 1.4 microsiemens. An increase in the microsiemens reading as we progress will indicate directly the parts per million (ppm) value of the electrically isolated silver (EIS) that we have made.

Colloidal Silver Generator-1

The Colloidal Silver Generator-1 (CSG-1) includes:
2 pieces of 4-inch 12 gauge pure 9999 silver wire
1 piece of scrubbing pad (to clean the silver wires)
1 Atlasnova red laser pointer (no batteries)
Please note that the color of the body of the red laser pointer will vary depending on what’s available in our stock.
To complete the parts and equipment in making colloidal silver using our CSG-1, you need to purchase the following:
1 9-volt battery
Distilled water
2 AAA batteries for the red laser pointer
Clean 12-ounce clear glass

You will receive your generator as shown in the picture below:

After you have bought 1 nine-volt battery and distilled water, all you need to do is
connect the nine-volt battery to the battery connector, as shown below.
Pour distilled water into a clean 12-ounce clear glass. Do not fill your glass beyond 1
inch below the top of the glass.

Place the generator on the rim of the glass as shown in the picture. Make sure that the silver wires are not touching each other. Position the printed circuit board (generator) on the rim of the glass in such a way that the ends of the silver wires in the water are near the center of the water, and keep the silver wires at least 1 inch away from any glass surface in the water. Also, make sure that any part of the generator (printed circuit board)
is not touching the water.
We can see that the LED is only faintly glowing. If it glows any brighter than this, it would indicate that the water we are using is not of the purity required for making colloidal silver. Note that we have taken this picture in very bright light.

In this picture, we have turned all our lights off and because of this it is much easier to see the LED’s brightness.

It is now a bit more than two hours later and we can see that the LED is glowing much
brighter, indicating that we are running a much higher current than when we started. This indicates that we have generated enough ions to increase the conductivity of the water.

To check if we are done with the process, place your finger on the generator and gently move the position of the wires, as shown in the picture above. Observe the change, if any, in the brightness of the LED. If the LED dims noticeably when we moved the wires in the water, we are not finished.
It is important to gently move the position of your generator the when you see the red LED glowing brighter during the process.

In this picture we can see that the LED is much less bright after we have moved the position of the silver wires.

This is confirmed by measuring the PPM of the water in the glass. It reads slightly over
two PPM. So we continue the process.
We are now 3 hours into the process, our conductivity meter reads 5 PPM, and we
continue the process.

We are now five hours into the process and we can see that the LED is once again at full brightness. At this time, we will once again do the finger test. We observe that the LED’s brightness remains the same when we press on the generator. This means that we have achieved well over 10 PPM strength of colloidal silver. Please note that your process could be less than 5 hours depending on the quality of your distilled water.

We confirm this with the use of our electrical conductivity meter. It reads 15.1 PPM.
Please note that the reading will vary depending on the quality of your distilled water.
We are now finished with the process of making our colloidal silver.

Remove the generator from the water and clean the silver wire with a green scouring pad supplied. Two or three swipes should be sufficient.

We now use our red laser pointer included with the kit to confirm the fact that we have made actual particles as well as the ions that are measured by an electrical conductivity meter. If we include the particles in our measurement, which are not shown by conductivity, the true PPM would be 17 to 18 in parts per 1,000,000.

In the days before good laser pointers were available; the only way we had to ensure that we had made larger particles was for the water to turn yellow. You will find many people who still believe that Colloidal Silver should be yellow because of this. The fact is that a yellow color Colloidal Silver indicates particles over 40 nanometers in size. Clear color, like water, means smaller particles. Small particles are better. Some people refer to silver particles this small as nanosilver.

Filter the colloidal silver to remove any large particles that may have formed. A coffee maker filter of the unbleached variety is perfect for this.
We now have 12 ounces of better colloidal silver than can be purchased at a store. We can do this hundreds of times before we have to buy more silver wire.