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Over six years ago, I started a thread on a forum called goldismoney2. It was a forum created by people who believe in investing in Precious Metals. It is unique in the fact of not allowing any commercial content whatsoever. Any advertising or product promotion is strictly forbidden. It is well moderated and allows complete freedom of expression for the members. As long as the members do not engage in really obnoxious behavior, members can express themselves freely. I chose this forum as it was the only one I could find that had a section concerning Alternative Health topics, including colloidal silver. There was no other place for people to get honest information about colloidal silver. Someone in a colloidal silver business owns every other source I can find or they advertise on the site. Let’s face it. If you accept money from somebody, you’re not going to criticize them for what they say. Once you take money from someone, you are their prisoner. Let’s not kid ourselves. Money Talks, BS walks. Goldismoney2 is supported entirely and only by occasional contributions by the members.
I gave the three most important factors that I had found over the years for making colloidal silver. There were many members of goldismoney2 who had been making colloidal silver for years. They were using a great variety of methods, and many had colloidal silver generators from various manufacturers.