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When I first got on a CPAP machine I noticed a floral smell (bacterial odor) build up after about a month of continual use. I started using CS/EIS in my CPAP water reservoir. The odor disappear almost over night probably 2nd or 3rd night I notice it was totally gone. I kept using CS/EIS in the reservoir until the metal heat element began to get a light black coating. I have stopped using the CS/EIS and just use distilled water. It has been over a year and a half and I have not had to clean any of the equipment, and I have not had to change tubing, or mask.

crensh said:

I opened that bottle and filled my CPAP machine reservoir with it, and then used it for EIS. There was nothing ever stored in it except water – and only the batch from the manufacturer. I don’t know. It’s turning more pink each day. The lighting and photo angle make it stand out stronger than it really does, but it’s there. Anyway….I’ll just use glass jars. I think my 50ppm batch will just be stored in the glass jar when it’s done.

Jul 21, 2020#856

POSSIBLE TREATMENT from this EIS Guinea Pig:
It was Lawn mowing day today. I do mine and two neighbor ladies with medical issues. I had notice the last few times cutting grass I would get Hay Fever like symptom: Runny Nose, Dry throat cough, some tearing.
In the past this runs its course by the next morning.
Today ,once I got done cutting, my nose was running like a faucet. I could not blow it out with a paper towel.
I grabbed my brand new nebulizer and through watery eyes filled the basin with 8ml of straight 50ppm EIS. Punched the button and put the mask on for some deep inhales through my nose the first few minutes. My nose and eyes cleared up almost immediately. I started doing deep mouth breathing along with inhaling through my nose.
Within a half an hour not only was my nose and eyes clear the coughing had stopped too.

If anyone else has these issues give this a try with a nublizer, or even a cool-mist vaporizer ( make sure the mist is hitting you in the face or TENT OVER as one would with cold and flu symptoms. A CPAP machine with EIS in the tank will probably work too.