Sovereign Silver

NAMEClaimed PPMActual PPM
ASAP Silver 10ppm10 ppm9.99 ppm
ASAP 22 Plus 22 ppm20.3 ppm
ASAP Health Max 30ppm30ppm28.9 ppm
DesBio Smart Silver24 ppm9.69 ppm
MesoSilver 20ppm20ppm23.7 ppm
NOW Foods Silver10 ppm9.24 ppm
Silver Biotics 10ppm10ppm9.84 PPM
Silver Shield 20ppm20ppm19.4 ppm
Silvercillin Spray10ppm9.58 ppm
Silvercillin Spray15 ppm16.5 ppm
Atlasnova 10ppm10ppm12ppm
Atlasnova 20ppm20ppm24ppm
Atlasnova 30ppm30ppm33ppm
Atlasnova 40ppm40ppm42ppm
Atlasnova 50ppm50ppm51ppm
Argentyn 2323 ppm26 ppm

Product Comparison


So, because I will not be able to produce colloidal silver to these specifications, where can I buy it?

Oct 29, 2014#36

As one who takes and uses CS/EIS regularly MY opinion is any type of CS/EIS you wish to use be it Nano, Colloidal, Ionic is going to be of benefit to the body when it come to infections, colds, Flu, viral contacts.

This stuff about the stomach acids destroying CS/EIS, I find my history of uses do not agree with that assumption. SEVERAL times through the years that I’ve use CS/EIS me or a family member have been relieved of stomach ailments, vomiting and/or diarrhea that we figure was either due to food poisoning or virus. That relief has come as quickly as 8-12 hours ( I use an ounce every four hours during symptoms) and none of our bouts have lasted over 24 hours.

Kids start showing signs of a head cold I throw an ounce of DIY CS/EIS into a cool mist vaporizer filled with distilled water. I have them tent over the mist for the first half hour and then while they’re sent to bed I move the vaporizer into their room and turn it on high while they sleep.

If you wish to buy retail some of the retail brands I have used in the early days was Sovereign Silver (Ionic aka Silver Hydrosol) and Meso Silver ( colloidal Ag). I had success with each for usually the same things, and one of the reasons I decided to look into making my own (DIYer). Most Heath Food stores (especially Mom & Pop) will carry either one or the other and sometimes both.

When I first started the very first time I took only a teaspoonful for the first 24 hrs just to see how my body would react if at all. Nowadays I am not afraid to swish and swallow an ounce with things begin not to feel right.

We Are Our Own Researchers.

May 22, 2017#192
I post:

The medical community is once again stressing out at the renewed emergence of gram-negative superbugs. Silver ions are proven to be very effective at killing gram-negative bacteria of all types. The medical community would seem to prefer to keep pumping more and more antibiotics into people, therefore, ensuring that even more deadly strains of these bacteria emerge. They seem to want to wait for a vaccine which some pharmaceutical company can then sell. Why not try colloidal silver? Next week I will be offering machines that are capable of producing 50 ppm ionic silver, the most powerful ionic silver ever produced. It is also as clear as a bell, free of large particles. I would be only too happy to send any of the researchers or clinicians some of this 50 ppm silver for them to test its effectiveness in situ or in vivo. If only I know whom to talk to or whom to send it to.


IMHO – As long as Big Pharma and .Gov are in cahoots with one another you are wasting your time. Big Pharma will continue its love for Big Profits and protecting their turf at the risk of its cattle ( people / consumers).

We have posted articles here, maybe on different threads, where it has been shown that CS /EIS magnifies the effectiveness of many antibiotics even those that the medical field now consider useless.

My only suggestion would be to search for Wellness / Homeopathic/ Allopathic Practitioners.
I know Robert Scott Bell is a radio personality on Wellness & Homeopathy but he is tied at the hip with SOVEREIGN SILVER and has been for YEARS.

I post:

I think the problem with most people’s reluctance to use and make colloidal silver is that it is considered alternative medicine. It didn’t use to be an alternative. It used to be one of the primary infection-fighting weapons available to medical practitioners. Since then, we have improved the process of making colloidal silver using electrolysis, producing smaller particles, and making it even more effective. The advent of antibiotics and the profit potential of these antibiotics controlled by pharmaceutical companies pushed silver aside. The fact is that we are ending the age of antibiotics. The microbes are rapidly finding a way around antibiotics. That will inevitably lead to the existence of superbugs.
I went to the sovereign silver website, and it was very interesting. They would undoubtedly be one of the better sellers of bottles of colloidal silver. Their regular product is 10 PPM. They have what they call Argentyn 23, which I guess means 23 ppm. You have to be a practitioner and fill out an information form before giving you any more information about it.
I have just finished, and I’m ready to ship a fully automatic colloidal silver generator that will produce over 50 ppm of clear EIS colloidal silver with a one-year shelf life. I’ll be happy to sell it to anybody, no questions asked. Have a look at the instructions for use:

Oct 20, 2017#255

QUOTE from KP…”…The actual reason for the ill feeling is the Herxheimer effect as your body is trying to eliminate all the dead bacteria and viruses in your body killed off by the EIS”. Close Quote.

This very well could be what takes place to the body that is void of silver ( Mega Farming Mineral Leaching I believe is the culprit) and EIS/CS is re-introduced into the system.
Whether this theory is correct or not IDK.
I do recall the first time I took any Ag was in the form of Sovereign Silver, a claimed “silver hydrosol”. As I had researched I only took one tablespoon of the product. Within in a hour I noticed I had a low grade headache that was eliminated with two aspirins.
I have not had any issues taking any amount of Sovereign Silver, Meso Silver, or any level of my DIY production since, including a shot glass full of 50ppm CSG-ULTRA.

Jan 29, 2018#293

My son missed school today with flu-like symptoms. I woke him up and gave him a teaspoon of 10ppm “Sovereign Silver”. As of noon, his sore throat was gone and he is up and about…still congested, but definitely doing better. I went to bed last night feeling kind of sick, woke up this morning feeling achey…took the same dosage and am feeling great as of 1pm.


Tc, If it were me I be doing that 3 times a day for the next three / four days.

I know Sov.Sil. is expensive ( I know Sov.Sil.) but it is still less expensive than a hospital bill.

I replied:

I agree, Goldbrix, in this case, CS should be used in the same way as an antibiotic. Make sure it has time to eliminate all the bugs causing the problem. I also agree that sovereign silver is one of the few reputable firms selling colloidal silver. If you can afford it, you can rely on them supplying a clear product of 10 to 15 ppm. Of course, your little CSG1 cost about the same as one small bottle and can produce an unlimited amount of the same or better product. I still don’t understand why people refuse to make CS themselves. That’s why I started this thread. But there are many things in this world that I will never understand.

Jan 29, 2018#296

Abe, You do not have the financial ability to buy the amount of time Big Pharma can on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and click bait on the internet.
The few doctors that show interest or support EIS/CS usage are not a threat to Big Pharma and it’s practices.
Those like Dr.Oz provide one show or segment on EIS/CS but the rest of the year is a hustle to hype “Proper Diet and Proper Use of Prescription Drugs Under Your Doctors Care”.

Not to mention Big Pharma knows WHO is writing prescriptions for their products and those top script writers are rewarded handsomely with PAID attendance to Conventions and CMEs ( Continuing Medical Education) gatherings.
AND my WAG is there is “Payola” involved when the “Numbers are Right”.

Big Pharma are Snake-oil salesmen of long ago and that mentality has not changed. IMO

ps- I got my CSG1 a long, long time ago. I’m a Big Boy now. I got an ULTRA ( and cookin’ some EIS/CS up as I type this). 😉

I replied:

“Abe, You do not have the financial ability to buy the amount of time Big Pharma can on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and click bait on the internet.”
You can say that again. No one ever went broke betting on the gullibility of the American public.
Apart from the determined opposition of big Pharma, I think that one thing that limits the acceptance of colloidal silver is that it has no “standard.” When I finally got the ultra to the point where it would consistently produce a 50 ppm solution, I thought I might be able to establish it as a “standard.” That way, everyone could be talking about the same thing. They would not necessarily have to buy an ultra and produce 50 ppm; they could always divide down from that. Maybe I’m dreaming, but dreaming costs a lot less than advertising.

Mar 24, 2019#390
I post:

I came across this webpage from the leading seller of colloidal silver.
Now, this post is not intended to disparage sovereign silver in any way. They at least make an honest 10 PPM product, ionic and clear. They sell a lot of it. Good for them. They get $293.99 for a gallon of it. Good for them again. Now I think Ironpig is making a gallon a day of the exact equivalent to this, and it costs him a $1.50. The ability to do this is available to anyone who wishes to do so.
What I’m wondering about is the following: if the price of this were lowered to say $30 a gallon, how many more people would buy it and use it? What if shipping was not a problem?. What if it was delivered locally? What if it was available at a local store and the store owner made it.?
Being an old guy, I can remember, as a child, a milkman delivering glass bottles of milk and picking up empty bottles to be taken back and refilled at the diary. This, as a paradigm, it is the antithesis of Amazon.
If a current user of colloidal silver was aware that a local person with a real name and a phone number was producing, with a valid process, 10 PPM EIS, would they not be inclined to buy it from that person, especially if he offered to deliver it to their door.
Or am I dreaming?

Apr 8, 2019#402

Hey guys, I’ve been reviewing this thread and am now suffering from information overload and need some guidance. I am convinced that you guys are onto something very important here and would like to build my own system for making colloidal silver. I purchased a 32oz bottle of sovereign silver just to have some on hand (and it’s pricey). I want to make my own but want to do it right based on all the information I WAS able to absorb, like being sure what I’m making is not just silver soup and will have the properties which maximize effectiveness (small particle size, proper PPM, etc).

Can one of you experts (I use that term with the utmost respect) guide me through the maze of Youtube videos and endless homemade webpages to the information I should know for what equipment I should get to make colloidal silver and properly test it?

Please feel free to message me also!

Thanks in advance guys!!!

Weatherman replies:

Just buy the Atlasnova Ultra. I did – TWICE! Best quality EIS available, and so simple to use that vide


t_s, You do not even have to go w/ the smaller Ultra version.
I bought the AtlasNova CSG-1 and used that before I even knew Arnold was a board member here. I used it for years and could still be using it but I decided to move move up to the Half Gallon Ultra unit.
The CSG-1 is ideal for those new to Colloidal Silver (most of us now call it Electrically Isolated Silver – EIS).
With the CSG-1 all you need to supply is a drinking glass,or a Ball/canning jar – Jelly size, and distilled water.
A TDS or EIC meter is helpful but not necessary. For my first year and a half I went by judging color to get a Wild-Ass- Guess of how much ppms the unit had generated over the time period. The color YELLOW was good identification of 10-15 ppms and the process would be done in 8-10 hours from the start.

For $50.00 or $60.00 you get a rig that will make GALLONS (at a jar at a time) for pennies.
IDK what size Sov. Sil. you bought but you are still paying DOLLARS per OUNCE instead of Pennies per Gallon.

As a novice just starting I’d do what I did START with one of the CSG-1 versions.
OBTW AtlasNova did not even have a plug in version when I started. I learned to jerry-rig an old cellphone charger I had laying around. A year or two later Arnold came up with the plug-in version.

NOTE: I am in no way connected, compensated, or receive money for my opinion of AtlasNova products.

ACS 200ppm200ppm33.2 ppm
Silver Wings 250ppm250ppm255.6 ppm
Silver Wings 500ppm500ppm451.6 ppm

Now, this post is not intended to disparage sovereign silver in any way. They at least make an honest 10 PPM product, ionic and clear. They sell a lot of it, which is good for them. They get $293.99 for a gallon of it, which is good for them again. Making a gallon a day of the exact equivalent of this costs $1.50. The ability to do this is available to anyone who wishes to do so.

What I’m wondering about is the following: if this price were lowered to $30 a gallon, how many more people would buy it and use it? What if shipping was not a problem? What if it was delivered locally? What if it was available at a local store and the store owner made it?

As someone who’s seen the world change, I can’t help but recall a simpler time. There was a time when a milkman would deliver glass bottles and pick up the empties to be refilled at the dairy. It’s a stark contrast to Amazon’s modern convenience.

Imagine this scenario: a current user of colloidal silver discovers that a local individual with a real name and a reachable phone number is producing high-quality EIS using a valid process. Wouldn’t they be more inclined to support this local producer, especially if he offered to deliver it right to their door? It’s a possibility worth considering.

Or am I dreaming?