Argyria is the graying of the skin. Colloidal silver can be produced either chemically or electrically. Argyria is a result of ingesting high doses of chemically produced colloidal silver. There has never been a case of Argyria caused by electrically produced colloidal silver.
Please be clear about this, electrically produced silver colloid does not cause Argyria. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been taking electrically produced colloidal silver for decades. The concern is with silver salts, not colloidal silver.

In a hypothetical massive ingestion of ionic silver (supposing death would not come first), most of it would be converted into insoluble AgCl by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach (0.1 M, approximately) and the KC1 and NaCl also present in the gastric fluids. The solubility of Ag+ should drop further in the presence of high concentrations of chloride ions, as are present in the stomach, due to the common ion effect, but this situation also favors the formation of the AgCl2” complex,29,30 which instead is soluble. The tendency of silver—sulfur compounds to bind with other sulfur-containing gastric ligands from food or within the mucosal lining could account for their poor solubility.
The fate of ingested metallic silver, especially in its nanometric form, can be slightly different in the fact that the hydrochloric acid in the stomach can (partially) dissolve it to form ionic silver,’1 which undergoes all the previously mentioned trans­formations, while the undissolved metal proceeds further to the intestine and the bloodstream, to be translocated throughout the human body3“ or excreted. This was demonstrated by a recent study33 that investigated the gastrointestinal fate of both silver nanoparticles and silver ions from a commercial dietary supplement by preparing a model of the human gastrointestinal tract. The study showed that the neutral pH of the mouth and the presence of biomoloecules in the saliva (able to form a corona) prevented the dissolution or the aggregation of the nanoparticles, while the same biomolecules formed complexes with the silver ions. On the other hand, the low pH and the presence of chloride ions in the stomach caused extensive dissolution of the nanoparticles in this organ and no aggregation. It was also possible to quantify the amount of dissolved silver: in the fed condition (i.e., after meal), 72% nanoparticles (by mass) dissolved, with 74% silver ions forming Ag—biomolecule complexes and 26% forming AgCl; in the fasted condition (i.e., before meal), 76% nanoparticles dissolved, with 82% silver ions forming Ag—biomolecule complexes and 18% forming AgCl. The environment in the small intestine prevented further dissolution or aggregation of silver nanoparticles, while the silver ions formed only Ag—biomolecule complexes.
Thus, silver ions, as seen, have a strong affinity for proteins, especially albumins, metallothioneins, and macroglobulins, but also for reduced glutathione; hence free Ag+ ions can form stable complexes with these species not only in the gastrointestinal tract but also in the blood or inside the cells. Finally, they can meet sulfides and/or selenides and precipitate as insoluble dark compounds.

1.3. Lethal Doses and Toxicity. The evaluation of a metal’s toxicity is strictly correlated to its bioavailability and determined by its solubility, oxidation state, complexation ability toward biological targets (i.e., proteins or other coordinating species), excretion, and detoxification routes. Lethal silver doses have been evaluated in both its soluble and insoluble forms for a number of animal species, including mammals (rats and dogs), but not for humans, for whom they can only be inferred. The negative effects of silver ions and nanoparticles on human health, however, are constantly being evaluated and reported.34 As a matter of fact, soluble compounds are always more toxic than insoluble ones.
The estimated acute lethal dose of AgN03 for humans seems to be at least 10 g,35,36 while other sources report that the estimated LDS0 is considered to be 28 mg/kg.3 The systemic effects of a lethal dose are anticipated by severe hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and shock. Goodman and Gilman reported that silver ions seem to first stimulate and then depress structures in the brain stem. A rise in blood pressure is then caused by central vasomotor stimulation. Concurrently bradycardia develops after central vagal stimulation. Finally death occurs, due to respiratory depression.38
Why is silver nitrate so toxic? In general, Ag(l) binding to proteins causes their dénaturation, which is thought to be the reason behind AgN03’s corrosive and caustic effects on inner mucosae. Moreover, this silver salt is also a strong oxidant, able
discoloration is permanent, meaning that it cannot be removed by chelation therapy, dermabrasion, or laser erasing treatments.
Argyria has been recognized and documented since the 19th century when the use of silver salts and proteinates started spreading in medicine. It can be described as either localized or generalized. Normally localized argyria is caused by external contact with silver, both occupational and medicinal, and can be developed in the areas of treatment, especially on the hands and the eyes, as round- or oval-shaped grayish spots. On the contrary, generalized argyria results in a widespread pigmenta­tion following silver ingestion or massive absorption through mucosal surfaces. In this way silver is assimilated, carried by the bloodstream and deposited in various tissues throughout the body so that even internal organs become pigmented, together with extended portions of the skin, nails, and eyes. In the skin, silver can widely deposit as dark brown-blackish extracellular granules in the upper dermis and between collagen bundles, while in the intestinal mucosa such granules have been found both in the lamina propria and at the basement membrane of duodenal epithelium.^

This would be silver nitrate and will cause Argyria.

Chemically produced colloidal silver

Chemically produced colloidal silver causes Argyria. Colloidal silver was widely used in the early 1900s. Scientists at the time discovered that if they chemically combined the silver colloid with a protein, it would not only be better digested, they could produce it in greater concentration.
This led to silver nitrate and silver salts. Before the early 1900s, there had never been any adverse side effects with ingesting silver, so testing the toxicity was not a big concern. But before the toxicity was tested, doctors had already begun to use it on their patients.
As we know now, silver nitrate and other silver salts were toxic in high doses. It caused Argyria, cosmetic bluing, or graying of the skin produced by a build-up of un-dissolved silver particles in the tissues.

Herxheimer Effect

The only effect reported by some colloidal silver users is a phenomenon called the “Herxheimer effect,” named after doctor Karl Herxheimer (who identified this phenomenon).
Sometimes, when taking colloidal silver for the first time, some people may experience mild headaches, cold, or flu. The reason is that colloidal silver is so efficient at killing pathogens that the body may not adequately dispose of the dead pathogens fast enough through the normal organs of elimination, and it resorts to the secondary ones, the lungs, sinuses, and skin.
The user may experience mild diarrhea as the body tries to flush itself out. In that case, one merely needs to reduce the dose or completely abstain for a day or so. Once the body has been thoroughly cleansed, these symptoms will not reappear.

Electrically produced colloidal silver is completely safe and non-toxic. There has never been a single case of Argyria caused by electrically generated silver colloids. Humans have consumed it for years without any adverse side effects.

Clear is good

A clear colloidal silver solution signifies that there is no agglomeration to form larger particles. Agglomeration means that some of the particles are starting to share electron rings and are no longer repelling each other. This, in turn, may render the colloidal silver less potent.

EPA and CDC Conclusion

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for Colloidal Silver; it is therefore considered harmless. Dr. Samuel Etris, a senior consultant at the Silver Institute, stated that there has never been any allergenic, toxic or carcinogenic reactions to colloidal silver. The U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed that fact in 1995.
However, all of the silver salts are identified as toxic, although the only adverse effect noted is Argyria. Therefore, the concern is with silver salts not colloidal silver.
In the case of an improperly prepared silver colloid, even though produced by electrolysis, compounds may be produced such as silver oxide, silver chloride, silver nitrate, etc., which have been recorded as having side effects that are detrimental to health.
Using the proper solution, there are never any side effects and using true colloidal silver does no harm to the essential bacteria found in our intestinal tract.
Colloidal silver should not be used along with intravenous EDTA chelation, as silver is a metal and EDTA works by absorbing and removing metals from the blood. For this reason, the two work in opposition to each other.
Colloidal silver is non-toxic, non-addictive, and has no side effects. The body develops no tolerance to colloidal silver and one cannot overdose.
Colloidal silver cannot cause harm to the liver, kidneys, or any other organ in the body.
If you are allergic to silver, do not use Colloidal Silver. If your skin reacts to silver when you wear silver jewelry, such as breaking out in a rash, you are most likely allergic to silver..
Colloidal silver is odorless, harmless to eyes, contains no free radicals, is harmless to human enzymes and has no reaction with other medications. It improves digestion, aids in the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, strengthens the immune system, and helps prevent colds, flu, and all other diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasites. Colloidal silver is the strongest, safest broad-spectrum antibiotic known today.

Depraved Indifference

As a younger person, I placed a high value on having easy access to an extensive library. When I became interested in something, I wanted to dive deeply into the subject to the limits of my ability. Now we have the Internet, which can be compared to a vast library. We must continuously be aware of one significant difference. The library of the old consisted of books that had been published and printed. To be posted and printed, they would have been vetted by at least the publishers.

That is not the case of what you find on the Internet. There is a great deal of information that consists of thinly concealed infomercials, gibberish, and downright dangerous instructions on how to make colloidal silver. I have just spent an hour watching some YouTube videos of a guy showing people how he makes colloidal silver with a modified microwave oven. He makes these and encourages people to make their own. He neglects to tell people to keep one hand in their pocket and stand on a rubber mat. If people without experience in dealing with high-voltage do what he says, some will be killed. It is inevitable. People make mistakes. It is as though we are programmed to make dumb mistakes periodically. It is not a matter of intelligence. It’s just a fact. If we make a mistake around high-voltage, we die. I speak as a former safety officer at tracking stations around the world during the space race. We took every conceivable precaution we could and still had incidents. He encourages a person with little experience to take apart a microwave oven and rewire it to use high-voltage AC to make colloidal silver. To me, this borders on depraved indifference.

After all this, he admits that his method tops out at 10 PPM and varies in quality with the moon phase. Enough said.


Traderjoe got himself a $350 bubbler system for five dollars.
Sep 14, 2016#162
I went to an estate sale recently and bought a colloidal silver kit including a generator, timer and silver wires from “The Silver Edge” with instructions. Looks like it was very lightly used if at all. It was a steal at $5.00. I sell things on ebay and this would make a good profit but I’m not sure I want to sell it. Seems it might benefit us one day. I guess I’ll be making a batch soon and joining the ranks of colloidal silver users. Thanks for the tip on the laser pointer as I was wondering how to check the batch. How much can be made from the silver wires?

Yes, YOU got a steal. You got a great deal at ten times the price you paid.
Tj, Read up on the various threads & posts here in the Alt.Medicine/CS section and go to website for testimonials and more CS articles.
I’m pretty sure that Steve Barwick even lurks around here as some of his writings have testimonials or discriptions very similar to writings here. ( I am not referring to the articles I post excerpts from and give his web address for further reading for those interested).

A lot of people are still using a bubbling system to make colloidal silver. Bubbler systems do make a form of colloidal silver. It is patently inferior to what we have learned to make, known as EIS, on this thread. Let’s have a look at what you’re bubbling through your water:

Dust Mites
The carcasses of these tiny critters abound in bedding, upholstery, and pillows but dust mites are plentiful in the air you breathe, too. At any given time, tens of thousands of them are circulating through the typical American home. If yours is one of them, then you and your family could be at risk for symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion. That’s because the body parts and fecal matter of dust mites are potent allergens.

Mold spores are ubiquitous in indoor air. Fortunately, most mold kinds aren’t deadly, but the mold spores in your home’s air can still aggravate asthma and allergies. According to a study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, there may be a connection between mold exposure and decreased immune system function.

Every time you walk across the floor or even touch any object in your home, you’re stirring up dust. It’s ending up in the lungs of everyone who lives in your home – including your spouse and kids. Dust particles contribute to allergies, sneezing, congestion, and a host of other symptoms and illnesses.

In addition to the contaminants listed above, there could be dozens of other allergens – like smoke, pet dander, or pollen – in the air you breathe every day. These particles can trigger a long list of allergic symptoms…

The uses of CS/EIS for health, sanitation, and preservation purposes have not been surpassed by anything else made by mankind.

Keep it and learn how to use the equipment ( probably fairly easy by just reading through posts here) and DIY.
On the retail market you would pay DOLLARS per OUNCE where DIYers make GALLONS for PENNIES.

I answered,
Thank you for watching out for us. We don’t display it as 99.997% because it will vary from one batch to another. We typically order 1000 ounces each of 10 and 12 gauge and a sample of that melt is sent to an independent laboratory for the report. So the next batch could be 99996 or eight, we only specify that it be better than 99995. We have been having this silver wire made for the past 15 years for people who are making their own colloidal silver and are concerned about the purity of what they put in their bodies. The people who are intelligent enough to appreciate the fact that we at AtlasNova refuse to compromise in this regard are the people who others go to for advice. They are called “influencers”. When we started this only 999 Silver wire was available. We were using Canadian silver Mapleleaf silver coins for making our own colloidal silver at that time. It took a while for us to find a specialty refiner willing to contract to us to supply us with 99995 or better. In fact, it looked as though we would have to do just as you suggest in asking a refiner to meltdown silver maple leaves and turn them into wire. We even bought 2000 of them from APMEX. This turned out pretty well as we kept them until silver climbed to over $20, helping to pay for the next batch from our refiner.
When we find someone fraudulently offering our products on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and so forth we contact the platform informing them of our trademarks and so on. This takes care of the problem in that regard. When it is just some guy bringing up a website we email them politely asking them to cease and desist. Some of these people actually use our images which they grab off the net. Photo editing software makes it easy to remove our watermarks. It is not practical for us to initiate legal action against the kind of people who would engage in such activity. If they had any assets they wouldn’t be engaging in fraudulent activity. We have to rely on the intelligence of our customers.
As always, DYODD

Nov 3, 2014#52

My local jeweler sold me some 999- 16 gauge wire for $8.00 p/ft and I went to the goodwill store where they had an assortment of transformers for $2.00 a piece

I bought 1 that is 5v-300ma and 1 that is 24v-4.5a

I also bought a diode to cut the 4.5a down to .5a, that was the lowest I could find without ordering online

The 5v transformer does seem to work, just seems slower which I would think is a good thing

I reply:

“My local jeweler sold me some 999- 16 gauge wire for $8.00 p/ft and I went to the goodwill store where they had an assortment of transformers for $2.00 a piece”

Using silver from your local jeweler for making colloidal silver may not be a good idea. How do you know it is 9999? I would hesitate to buy my silver from anyone who has many different types of silver around. When you have a lot of silver types around, it is too easy to make a mistake. A mistake could have serious health consequences. We all take chances in life because we have to, but certified sources of 9999 silver from people who sell nothing else is available. The cost of silver in question amounts to only pennies per gallon of colloidal silver produced. That is especially true when you follow the excellent advice about limiting the current to make the smallest possible particle size. Remember, we are talking here in parts per million, so 1 ounce of silver will produce at 10 PPM, 100,000 ounces of colloidal silver 100,000 ounces is 1564 gallons of colloidal silver. If you are buying a generator from someone, you should inquire about the length and the gauge of a wire supply. For 10gauge wire, 20 inches equals 1 ounce. For 12gauge, 36 inches equals 1 ounce. If they don’t tell you how much silver wire they supply with the generator, you might think twice about buying. Anything smaller than 12gauge is not worth using as the surface area will quickly become too small.

” I bought 1 that is 5v-300ma and 1 that is 24v-4.5a”

You don’t mention any current limiting device. A laser pointer checks to see if you are making any particles at all. I have found that anything below 9 V doesn’t do much of anything. The 24 V 4.5 without a current limiting resistor would quickly produce silver mud.

“””I also bought a diode to cut the 4.5a down to .5a, that was the lowest I could find without ordering online”

A diode would reduce the voltage, but I think you’re confused about the amperage.

The 5v transformer does seem to work, just seems slower which I would think is a good thing

#529Voodoo said:

This I’d a bit off topic but the one main concern I have with using large quantities of silver. A lot of research has been coming back to the importance of your gut. Specifically the good bacteria in the gut. Some have even shown that the use of a drug like amoxicillin early on causes lots of future problems, partly due to killing the good bacteria. The sublingual part to get silver straight to bloodstream helps but I’d still worry about the gut. Has anyone noted any possible problems?

I will say that it seems like taking the silver when I start to get sick can throw off my regularity say. Of course I’m also slightly sick so that doesnt mean much.Others here suggested inhaling silver to get it into the bloodstream through the lungs. I found an easy and inexpensive way to do that. Search Amazon for Aromatherapy. There are lots of models to choose from at a price range of $12+, but all convert the liquid you put in them to a cool mist. Most customers add oil into the water to get a fragrance, but I use my 50 PPM EIS. Then I hold the diffuser under my nose and breathe deeply over the cool mist a few times each day. I can’t be sure it is doing me any good, but I haven’t had any problems yet.


abeland1 said:

Your concern has made the argument in favor of the use of 50 PPM ionic EIS. The more ions available in a given volume of water, the easier it is to get them into your bloodstream, not your gut.This is true. I think a few drops of the high quality stuff under your tongue is the best method. That and putting it on any wounds as that would also help and get right to blood stream.

I wonder if there is a blood test for ag levels?


the_shootist said:

So I just received my Ultra package from abeland1. It was packaged superbly and arrived in perfect shape. My wife asked me what it was and I explained it to her. She asked, “should I use it too?” and I said sure!! I told her to do some research on the benefits of CS and off she went. 5 minutes later she comes downstairs with a printout from the mayo clinic site dispelling CS and stating it can do irreparable harm.. I told her I’ve read those type of articles and have also read where CS is a natural healer and antibiotic/anti fungal. She challenged me and asked who should I believe, the Mayo clinic or some people on the internet trying to make a buck? I told her that I trust my gut and don’t trust what I read from the medical community as much as most sheep, errr…I mean people. I suppose I’ll be the only one in the house using CS.

Anyway, I’m making my first batch of 50ppm EIS as I type this. WooHoo!

I know this is backwards to the lemmings but I’ll put my faith into my first hand knowledge first and people who risk their lives to get their knowledge out second.

Credible sources mean $$$$$$$$#. And that makes them highly susceptible to corruption.


This is anecdotal, but I never had any guts issues when I consumed colloidal silver. Stayed regular and experienced no change, and I’m like clockwork. I do consume fermented foods in my normal diet and consume a lot of vegetable fiber, but there was no change.

I do think the higher concentration and sublingual is the best way to use colloidal. If I had full blow flu or a bad cold, I would not hesitate to drink up.

#535Voodoo said:

This is true. I think a few drops of the high quality stuff under your tongue is the best method. That and putting it on any wounds as that would also help and get right to blood stream.

I wonder if there is a blood test for ag levels? Post number 382 of this thread covers the subject.

“What’s your opinion on small bottles of concentrated colloidal silver that come in brown bottles with an included eyedropper that one would use to put in distilled water?”

I reply:
If someone tells you their colloidal silver is “concentrated,” you should stay away from them. It’s a sign that they are clueless. EIS, a.k.a. (colloidal silver) cannot be “concentrated.” It is not orange juice. If you’re talking about the stuff that sold in health food stores, forget about it, you have no idea what you’re going to get. If your wishes to see if colloidal silver will work for you, for instance for a sinus problem, you could try:
If it works for you, you will know that you will be able to produce the same product if you purchase an ultra.
“Not sure if your smaller unit is big enough or the gallon or half gallon is too much, need your input, please.”
“Common” colloidal silver generators produce, at best, 10 to 15 ppm EIS. The ultras will do this in one day running in the 50 PPM mode. It will be 98% ionic, completely clear and have a practically infinite shelf life. If you want 50 ppm, you will have to let it run for the full ten days. You can stop the process at any time. The LCD on the unit will tell you what the level of ionic PPM is at all times during the process. You can stop the process at any point during the ten days, and you will have, 20, 30, 40 or whatever it is at that time. I would hope that my customers would get in the habit of starting a batch every ten days I’m just let it run until it’s finished. Then decant it into a storage container (glass) and put it away. Continue to do this until you have an excellent supply in case of an emergency. A burn, or plague, a sore that won’t heal, a strange rash, sinus infection, pinkeye or whatever you think it might help. At least, it won’t do any harm. As to which unit to buy, the one and a half pint or the half gallon, it depends on your situation. Are you alone? Then perhaps the one and a half pint would do. For a family, I would suggest a half gallon to be a better investment. It only cost 50% more, yet it produces almost three times the volume of 50 ppm.

wall warts starting fires

It’s better for those who are making their own colloidal silver generating set up to use batteries as a power source. That will keep you out of trouble. The little wall wart supplies that people start experimenting with are designed for use with a particular piece of equipment. When they are hooked up to experimental setups and shorted out, they can cause fires. More than one house has been burned to the ground by one of these units. It’s not worth it. If you follow our instructions about the amount of current to use, you will keep the current under one mA. The standard 9 V battery is rated at 900 mA hours. That means you can make colloidal silver with our instructions for at least 900 hours. The 9 V battery that you buy for use with a CSG one will last for a total of 150 glasses of colloidal silver. The CSG one is the obvious best choice for a budget-conscious person who wishes to make colloidal silver.