Sinusitis is the reason I discovered colloidal silver over 30 years ago. I had been suffering from sinus infections my entire life. My work involved frequent travel all over the world. At each destination, I would come down with a sinus infection within a few days. I would seek help from the local medical community, which would result in injecting the latest antibiotic. That would usually clear it up in a few days. I had a long history of trying to remedy this situation. I had seen many ears, nose, and throat specialists and allergists and even had an operation, an SMR (subcutaneous membrane restructure), but I was still subject to infections. I was, and still am, disdainful of “alternative medicine.” I was in Las Vegas on a job and could not work for three days. I had been bedridden with a fever that would break and reappear, drank a lot of water, and “sweat it out.” I was awake in the middle of the night and listening to an all-night radio program that featured guests promoting various “wacko” subjects, from flying saucers to conspiracy theories.

One of these guests was promoting colloidal silver. He sounded more rational than the usual people on this program. I was unaware that silver had been used extensively as an antimicrobial before introducing antibiotics. The following day I called the local health food store and ordered an 8-ounce bottle of the colloidal silver they recommended. They sent it by taxi, and the driver delivered it to my hotel room. It came with a dropper, and I started to flood my sinus cavities with it. Within two hours, all my symptoms disappeared. I was determined never to be without this remedy in the future.

A few months later, I went to the Philippines for what was to be a relatively long-term assignment. I had been using the colloidal silver I bought in Las Vegas, and it was preventing any recurrence of my sinus problems. I was down to my last few ounces, so I called the health food store in Las Vegas and told them I wanted more of the same thing. They said that they had switched to a new, improved version. So I accepted this and ordered. I received a dark, amber-colored substance with a vinegar-like taste, which was very different from what I expected. I decided to find out precisely what “colloidal silver” was and how to make it. The electrolysis process was no mystery to me. On researching the “state-of-the-art” for making this substance, I realized that no electronics expertise had been applied. I bought some pure silver, 999, and made my own.
Learn how to make colloidal silver.
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