Depraved Indifference

The fact that the silver ions are the effective agents is well documented. They cannot sell silver ions as there is no profit in it. The freely available knowledge in “The Art of Making Colloidal Silver” and other publications has made it possible for anyone with access to water, silver, and electricity to make EIS, electrically isolated silver.
As a younger person, I greatly value having easy access to an extensive library. When I became interested in something, I wanted to dive deeply into the subject to the limits of my ability. Now, we have the Internet, which can be compared to a vast library. We must continuously be aware of one significant difference. The library of the old consisted of books that had been published and printed. To be posted and printed, they would have been vetted by at least the publishers.
That is different from what you find on the Internet. A great deal of information consists of thinly concealed infomercials, gibberish, and downright dangerous instructions on making colloidal silver. I have just spent an hour watching some YouTube videos of a guy showing people how he makes colloidal silver with a modified microwave oven. He makes these and encourages people to make their own. He neglects to tell people to keep one hand in their pocket and stand on a rubber mat. If people without experience in dealing with high-voltage do what he says, some will be killed. It is inevitable. People make mistakes. It is as though we are programmed to make dumb mistakes periodically. It is not a matter of intelligence. It’s just a fact. If we make a mistake around high voltage, we die. During the space race, I speak as a former safety officer at tracking stations worldwide. We took every conceivable precaution we could and still had incidents. He encourages someone with little experience to remove a microwave oven and rewire it to use high-voltage AC to make colloidal silver. To me, this borders on depraved indifference.